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Buy Transceiver Modules at SixOptics


SixOptics is a worldwide leading supplier of optical transceiver modules, specialized in R&D, manufacture, and distribution of SFP Modules, GBIC Modules, XENPAK Modules, X2 Modules, XFP Modules and SFP+ Modules (SFP Plus Modules) , etc.

We provide quality compatible transceiver modules following strict standards, all of our transceiver modules can be 100% with these major brands as below,


Compatible Brands


Excellent Quality on all Transceiver Modules

All of our products are of Excellent Quality, our premium compatible transceiver modules are manufactured to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality and highest standards. They provide the same solutions of connectivity as the original transceiver modules, but you get the same quality of products at a fraction of the cost.


Best Prices on all Transceiver Modules

We offer high quality 100% compatible transceiver modules for all major brands on the market. As an original manufacturer, we are able to offer you the Lowest Prices on the market for transceiver modules. If you’re looking to save some money, cheap transceiver modules are what you need.


Fast and Cheap Shipping on all Transceiver Modules

We ship to worldwide! You will be offered the Most Economical Shipping at our side for your reference. Generally speaking, all the orders can be shipped within 2 days, and shipping is from Monday to Friday, there is no shipping on the weekends. We ship DHL, UPS, EMS, Fedex or TNT depending on the type of order.


Warranty on all Transceiver Modules

Your transceiver modules orders at SixOptics.com are always Risk Free! We provide you with Three Years satisfaction guarantee on all of our transceiver modules. If there is any problem on our products, you may return within 3 years of the purchase date, and we will replace or refund your order.


Why buy Transceiver Modules from SixOptics?

There are certain things that everyone should look for when buying compatible transceiver module: compatibility, reliability, satisfaction and an extensive range of products to ensure you can always find what you’re looking for. At SixOptics, that’s exactly what we offer as we are original manufacturer to supply popular transceiver modules at competitive prices, including but not only: GLC-SX-MMGLC-LH-SM, GLC-BX-UGLC-BX-DGLC-TSFP-10G-SRSFP-10G-LRJ4858CJ8436AEX-SFP-1GE-SX10110SFP-GIG-SX, and many more.

We believe the main reason why you should buy from SixOptics is the great value we offer on our already cheap transceiver modules!


Can’t Find the Part Number?

If you can’t find your target part# on our site, please e-mail us at sales@sixoptics.com directly with description. Don’t doubt that our transceiver modules can be also compatible with many other brands AVAYA, Dlink, Linksys, ZTE, ZYXEL, etc.


Your One Stop Supplier for Transceiver Modules

SixOptics.com is an online site where you can find the transceiver modules not expensive as in your mind. Cheaper but also reliable, this is our aim, and we focus more on the latter.

If you are the one right now looking for high quality transceiver modules, then SixOptics.com is the perfect place for you to shop these items.

Thanks for visiting! Please browse around, take your time.


SixOptics Team


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